Final Home x Casio G-Shock Mini

final home casio gshock mini 1 Final Home x Casio G Shock Mini


Final Home
and Casio G-Shock has seen their work produced over a series of watches in the past and most recently in two versions that were released late last year. A new colorway in what Tres Bien Shop lists as “army green” is the newest addition to the G-Shock Mini family. While the color looks a lot more gray, the watch strap also includes a brand message. Available now at Tres Bien Shop.

  1. I just returned one because it was very cheap and fake looking.. It’s a freakin casio… I was shocked alright as soon as i opened the box. What a joke..

      • supreme1967
      • May 15th, 2009

      Was it thee same model? Or what? Or did u think G-Shock was a sole brand?

  2. That shit is Ill! I need one ASAP!!

      • supreme1967
      • May 15th, 2009

      Shit is kinda cool, you should see the Comedy section of my site son! lol

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