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Jamie Foxx – Digital Girl feat. Kanye West, The-Dream & Drake (Video)

I’m totally in love with this joint! I fell in love with the song ever since I heard the very first original. I was e-mailing it to like EVERYONE I knew! Every male/female acquaintance who used iChat as well.
Now the video has arrived. SWEET!
What allures me more about this video is not the visuals(thumbs up) nor the butter lighting(thumbs up), but thee very fact that you can tell everyone is having plain Ol’ FUN. That’s what made me fall in love with Hip-Hop & music as a whole. The very fact that you can actually have fun while making GOOD QUALITY records & a video to top it all. Drake killed it of course, & so did KanYe.

P.S. I added the download as a BONUS here:

Jamie Foxx – Digital Girl feat. Kanye West, The-Dream & Drake


Alessi Daytimer Oled Watch

Alessi Daytimer Oled Watch

Alessi Daytimer Oled Watch

This a REALly butter watch! Definitely a MUST cop!
Designed by Wil Alsop & and Federico Grazzini and rugged at a glance. The Daytimer has a high-contrast blue OLED digital display and features a 3-dimensional geometric polygonal frame. As time passes, the display cycles through nine graphics on its OLED screen when you press the button to recall the time. The Daytimer comes in four colors: red, green, purple and black, and is available from here for $120 (USD).

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iPhone Soap

iPhone Soap

The iPhone Soap by Etsy saler twoeggplants. It is roughly the same size as the actual iPhone, “with the black button at the bottom and the ‘screen icons’ in its ‘flat screen'”. On her etsy shop, you can also see many cool soap, including Pac-Man, BlackBerry, iPod and Palm pre soaps.

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I CAN’T WAIT Edition: Ugh..

Someone PLEASE shoot ME! I cannot wait to graduate out of school I’m almost done with this MedSurge class! I let my hair grow to represent my grind grizzle! So I’m NOT cutting it until I get through this semester. But maybe this Thursday might be an exception! School has been pretty rough lately & we (my class) have been informed that 80% of the board exam consists of MedSurge. (Wooow…). I also cannot wait to attend thee DONNIS x 10.Deep Release party for his highly anticipated “Diary of an Atlanta Brave” mixtape this thursday at the Dumbo Loft in BROOKLYN, NY with production from the likes of Justice League & Just Blaze. I will be sure to post footage & pictures from thee event as I will be V.I.P. (FatShouts to Chilli & Sasha).

This is an excellent oppurtunity for ME & hopefully my bother Sultan to network as DONNIS is still fairly unknown to most of you all out there. I will be featuring him in the “Artist Spotlight” section of this site later on today.


The Next 48 Hours w/ Fabolous pt.3 (Video)

I’m REALly digging this video of Fabolous’ Part 3 “Day After Album Release” at The Ed Lover &; Free Morning Show on New York’s Power 105.1 FM. This may be mostly because I’m amused at the “How To Catch A Predator” reference when Free suggests that Fabolous should start dating Keke Palmer to form a Power Couple. Fab shares his thoughts on his stance on Hip-Hop, his album, &; how he manages to stay so cool.

“I didn’t even know who that is, she off my radar”

P.S. Keke Palmer is hot! but yes she is a a minor! & I mean I’m 23 & Loso’s like 30 now!

Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3 (Artwork x Tracklist)

I’m finally ecstatic to view thee OFFICIAL tracklist for Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 and I must admit that I’m pretty impressed especially with the J. Cole, Drake, & Kid Cudi features. I am a tremendous fan of all three of these promising prospects’ talent/music.

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Wiz Khalifa Talks How Fly & XXL Freshmen (Video)

Wiz Khalifa sits down with Josh Cubas for a interview at Wish Boutiquein ATL. Wiz speaks on several topics including his How Fly mixtape with Curren$y & his current thoughts on rap’s new generation & what to expect from him in the future.

Checkout one of my favorite joins from him under the jump. A video he shot in response to him not being on the last XXL Freshmen Cover.

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