Jay-Z x Oprah in BROOKLYN.

Apparently Jay-Z & Oprah in Marcy Houses BROOKLYN, NY shooting footage for an upcoming episode on Oprah’s television show. This picture is BIG to me because the influence that these two individuals possess in their respective fields are virtually unprecedented. Influences that reach far behind me, but worldwide!
When I look at this picture one of the first things that I think about is the famous picture of Michael Jackson standing side by side with Nelson Mandela. I CANNOT WAIT for this to air on television.

8-12-2009 (UPDATE):

Oprah speaks with Gayle King about her new found infatuation with Hovi. “He was so charming and delightful and he smelled soo GOOD“. This just in as well, their meeting was in fact for Oprah’s O Magazine and not an actual episode of Oprah. Either way he is thee epitome of “Mama I Made It!”.

Oprah: “He was so charming and delightful and he smelled soo GOOD”

DOWNLOAD: Oprah Talks Jay-Z w/ Gayle King


“Governing body,
– Check, check, check out my destiny/
I walk leaving four footprints,
My hood sense/
My book smarts,
My faith of the unknown/
And a good heart,
What’s seldom shown is the good part”
– Jay-Z

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