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SBTG x G-Shock (I think I’m in LOVE…)


This year is Casio G-Shock’s 25th Anniversary, so sneaker customizer SBTG took time from his sneaker designing and turned his focus to the G-Shock DW-5600, a Casio staple. The watch is based on the simple black version and has screen printed designs with hints of SBTG and Royalfam trademarks. The watch is being given away at Royalfam , but all you need to do is sign up before August 1st. Good Luck.

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Collection of Andy Warhol Art Stolen from Westside, LA Home

The stolen works include ten well-known portraits of famous athletes such as Muhammad Ali and O.J. Simpson. The collection was stolen on 3 September from the Richard L. Weisman‘s West Los Angeles home.  He was a friend of the late Andy Warhol.  One million dollar reward has been offered for the return of the stolen works.

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G-Shock x LRG – Highlighter Yellow

G-Shock x LRG – Highlighter Yellow

I don’t care how played out you may think the G-Shock is, you cannot deny the freshness of this collab with LRG.  Bright yellow with a splash of teal and white — a must-have for yours truly.  Our source says that it will soon be available here.  I’m going to be checking up on it for sure, so I’ll most likely let you know when you can grab it.

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Nike Gladiateur Sandals

Nike Gladiateur Sandals – Available Again

The very popular sandals from Nike, are available in limited quantity again.  This time you can grab them at Zappos, they are only available in the white colorway.  Grab ‘em quick ladies.

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Nike iD – Blazer High LE

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Check out the
Nike Blazer High LE iD Shoe
I designed at

The Nike Blazer is a shoe that is one of the most all-time favorite amongst the Nike family with consumers.  Now Nike has made it so that the average joe can customize their own pair. I have created my own butter colorway as you can see.
Hmm.. look pretty familiar doesn’t it?  Make your own here.

Under The Mattress Money!

Talk about mattress money! I mean the Nike or Timbaland shoeboxes are still means of monetary storage if you’re like me and hate the way banks charge you to access your own money and charge a hidden fee with every blink of an eye.

Hermes and Wally Construct “Live On Water” Concept Yacht

boat   1

French luxury clothing designer Hermes and Monaco based yacht maker Wally have collaborated to create the ultimate luxury yacht. The watercraft by Wally-Hermes Yachts, dubbed WHY for short, are the perfect mix of luxury and “green” living. The WHY comes equipped with the latest high tech amenities, gorgeous modern design and spacious living dimensions. The WHY is 58 meters long and measures 38 meters across and is comprised of three decks. Hiding in those decks are a 25 meter pool and a 36 meter “beach” stretching across the back of the yacht. Atop the WHY sports a large array of solar panels, 900 square meters worth, in order to reduce the amount of fuel used by the watercraft. The WHY even recycles! The yacht comes equipped with waste management systems made to handle both organic and inorganic waste. The WHY isn’t for sale as of yet but it is currently undergoing testing in special tank testing facility in Gothenburg, Sweden. Water World just got real!

Via TheDesignBlog

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