Cold Feet!?

I’m still baffled.

“It was one of the strangest things you’ll ever see in sports: An offensive lineman simply stayed in his stance after the snap, while the other 21 guys on the field played football.
The offensive lineman was Zebrie Sanders, a sophomore at Florida State, and it happened in Saturday’s game against Florida.
It looked like Florida State’s center might have snapped the ball early, so it would be understandable if Sanders was slow to get out of his stance. But Sanders wasn’t slow: He simply stayed frozen, not blocking or even moving while his quarterback ran for his life.”

Via Backporch

    • Ryan
    • December 11th, 2009

    It is because Trickett tells them that they are not supposed to move if it is an off-sides on the play that is why you see them not moving he must have thought since it was a quick snap that is was off-sides. Watch FSU football before making a comment of what happens on the field.

      • supreme1967
      • December 11th, 2009

      Okay, I’m totally aware of that, but when do you realize that it wasn’t a quicksnap!? At the end of the play? Be serious.
      So that does not rectify NOT MOVING AT ALL WHATSOEVER during the entire play.
      Even an individual who doesn’t watch football can see that.

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