Who said the Sky’s The Limit!?

Well just when you thought Mr. Branson has done it all! This is a video of Virgin Galactic SpaceshipTwo SS2 in a hangar before it is unveiled.
This spaceship is designed for future space tourism.
We all know the illustrious Richard Branson is an individual who likes to take risks.
These risks that have surely led to 360 successfully lucrative companies.
Is this another educated risk? Who knows…
I believe Mark Mallet said it best on his blog when he stated:

“…man has assumed himself to be a god, not only in his mind, but in the work of his hands.

Through genetic and technological manipulation, man has made himself the new master of the universe, from the cloning of life, to the alteration of food, to the manipulation of the environment. With the new media of internet, man has acquired god-like powers, near angelic powers to communicate instantaneously, crossing vast distances in the twinkling of an eye, drawing upon knowledge of good and evil at the tap of a keyboard.”  – Mark Mallett

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