Everyday A Star Is Born.


My how time flies!
12/24/2009 is the date that marks the 1stYEAR anniversary of the day that would change my life FOREVER.
Two BEAUTIFUL individuals helped to create a BEAUTIFUL offspring by the name of AMIR Duret.
THANK YOU Ms. Smalls for giving ME the BEST X-Mas gift I could have ever received, a BabyBOY all while witnessing the “MIRACLE of Life” from beginning to end. I remember the day/experience like it was yesterday. I’m pretty emotional while typing this because so many different feelings are rushing through ME at once. All in all, GOD BLESS YOU AMIR. DaDdy LOVES YOU MORE than LIFE, I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU. ALWAYS. May GOD BLESS you with umpteen more BORNDays to come!  May you growUP to be a HEALTHY & STRONG WISE BLACK MAN!


I LOVE this video.
BIG shoutouts to Saigon for this one & HAPPY HOLIDAYS to their children, families, & EVERYONE!

    • demilade
    • December 26th, 2009

    this is the best post i read all year

    • supreme1967
    • December 26th, 2009

    Thanks D! I LOVE that ironically you are my site’s #1 supporter although I have a lot of work to do still. I haven’t reached out to you yet because I lack in resources what I need to carry out all of my dreams/goals through this site. Heck I don’t even own a workng phone!
    GOD BLESS you my GOOD brotha.
    I won’t forget you! I’m getting my feet wet and as soon as the time is right, you’re coming along for the ride my’dude.

    • supreme1967
    • December 26th, 2009

    This Saigon joint literally gives me chills bro!

    • zakeya
    • December 31st, 2009

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sweet i love it hunni look at my bday boy hes such a blessing…

  1. January 10th, 2010

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