Ronnie Fieg x Polo Ralph Lauren “Cookie Boot”


If you were a certified POLO wearer back in the late 80s-early 90s then you know the Ralph Lauren Polo Ranger Boot also better known affectionately as the “Cookie Boot” was an imperative part of your wardrobe. I was way too young as I am in fact proud to be an 86’er, growing up in the 90s I fell madly in LOVE with anything Ralph Lauren. The designs were illustrious, fancy colors, but sporty. Wearing brands like POLO SPORT made me feel like a skier, hiker, sportsman (with the Sportsman line) or a triumphant champion of the Olympics. I always wanted the Cookie Boots, but I never had the chance to get them until recently when they were actually re-released earlier last year after years of wondering why they weren’t prior to then. Well then, the boots are now back being sported by every young kid claiming to be a “Lo-Head”. Tsk-Tsk.
Ronnie Fieg is back with another special make-up on this boot, just in time for winter. This “Cookie Boot” marks Fieg’s first collaboration with Polo. This boot is available at David Z locations and online at David

The tan nubucks…

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