“Well it’s that time,
a NEW YEAR to shine/
to intertwine – with loved ones and indulge in vintage wine/
So go ahead and pop those bottles,
’cause I’m approaching this NEW YEAR with OPTIMISM full throttle/
Forgive others,
sisters, enemies, & brothers/
I wish you all well,
in all your endeavors/
because only time will tell,
I wish you all NOTHING, but well/
GOOD wealth, LOVE, & PEACE of mind,
ERADICATE any pessimism or hate that surrounds you,
ties you down and bounds you,
D’Evils that hound you/
Everyone can’t make it although most try/
Failure isn’t an option,
because I’m SICK of it/
So this year, instead of being Icarus/
Leave it all to the MOST HIGH!”
– Moi

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you & yours!
I WISH YOU ALL nothing, but success in all your endeavors, GOOD wealth, of course health, REAL LOVE, PEACE, forgiveness, wisdom, & knowledge, spirituality, emotional/mental heath as well as thee complete elimination of ALL D’Evils and ALL negative energy which resides in your LIFE!

Now let me get back to my glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label and enjoy this COOL video!

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