Artist Spotlight: Nickelus F – 3G (Grind, Go Hard, Get Paid)
When I tell you that this artist is highly flammable, I mean that with thee utmost sincerity! I have been following Mr. F since I first heard him on Mr. Graham’s 2006 Rooom For Improvement debut mixtape. I was sold and since then, my auricles have been taking in constant heat from this VA native. Why Mr. Grahams has “left” him behind especially since this artist kicks 10x the pyrexic wordplay that Mr. Grahams has ever or probably ever will drop on a record is beyond me, but (shrugs shoulders…) hey.
Here’s a HOT new download for all you fans and newbies to Nickelus F.
Enjoy… (I know I did).

Download here: Nickelus F – 3G (Grind, Go Hard, Get Paid)

UPDATE: Check this DOPE video under the cut of how Mr. F shows off his MONSTROUS lyrical skill(s) over one of my favorite 50 Cent bangers: I Get It In!
Boy oh boy does Mr. F get it in!
I hope the masses wake UP soon to all this unearthed talent that isn’t being exposed.

P.S. I have also included a download BONUS of Nickelus F’s “Thank You” mixtape so all you late bloomers can catch UP.

Download here: Nickelus F – Thank You (Mixtape)


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