Tax Cola!?

IMAGE: Soda Tax
I always joke around with my peers with the statement, “It’s a recession!” as a form of rationalizing all the businesses, schools, and other institutions that exhibit desperate signs of trying to generate revenue by cutting back on many neccesities or normal services. Yet I must admit that this absolutely takes the cake! Placing a tax on sugared beverages, drinks with added sugar, high fructose corn syrup or other high caloric sweeteners such as soda. Although I am so through with carbonated beverages (except for ginger ale) for this new year and the future altogether I believe this is an exceptional idea to NOT only generate “much needed revenue“, but to hopefully deter our youth (esp. minorities in impoverished neighborhoods) from such a poor choice in nutrition. I researched somewhere that consumption of soda actually decreases your immune system! Yikes!
As if we don’t have enough ills that surround us everywhere we go as soon as we step out of our lovely abodes. Studies prove that adolescents have the poorest choice of nutrition which largely has to do in part with the fact that their choices in food are immensely influenced by their peers.

What do you folks think about this tax proposal?

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