Mos Def – History feat. Talib Kweli

“Kweli says everybody acts according to the season that they born in,
some at the night, some in the morning”
-Mos Def

Oh man I can’t even begin to express how excited that these two individuals are doing some work together again. It gets no better!
This is a video for a joint named History provided by Creative Control. I’ve been following Creative Control for a while now and they have yet to not impress me with each view.

I still remember Black Star’s CLASSIC 1st album Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star released in ’98. I was so young I was still in JHS! WOW how time flies. Definition was such a DOPE single/record with the whole dollar van video concept.
“People think that MC is shorthand for misconception”
– Talib Kweli; “Definition”

I’ve also taken the liberty to include the download link to this song as well.

Download here: Mos Def – History feat. Talib Kweli

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