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Fashion Spotlight: R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

Lee McQueen - Concerned
Michael Oliveira-Salac says McQueen “turned fashion upside down”, by being different. (BBC News)

Once again we are reminded of how limited the time we have on this green globe labeled Earth can actually be. Yesterday the realm of fashion lost another icon by the name Lee Alexander McQueen, (16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010). McQueen was an English fashion designer known for his unorthodox designs and outlandish runway shows.
News has it that his mother had just passed away and he was going through a difficult time coping as he was extremely close to his mother.  Although his Twitter account has been deleted you can view it here, where he expressed himself in his final tweets.
If you are fashion illiterate, you might recognize some of his work donned by Rihanna & even more noteworthy: Lady Gaga. The critically acclaimed UK fashion designer earned the esteemed British Fashion Designer of the Year award four times!
I found out about the tragic news via my pal Sash’s Facebook post as soon as I got home it REALly saddened my night believe it or not. I am very much into fashion and very familiar with his eccentric work. ‘Tis life, we celebrate life so let us not mourn death, but celebrate the legacy of one whom is deceased so that that individual may live on forever through our work, in our thoughts and so on & so forth.  Just like the legendary and very much so iconic Yves Saint Laurent, Mr. Lee Alexander McQueen will most certainly be missed. 

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“I think I could kiss him,” owner Tom Benson said of Coach Payton.

WOW!! The underdog New Orleans Saints have become triumphant & won the Super Bowl.

Coach Payton held the Vince Lombardi Trophy high over his head in a victorious manner and ran into the end zone towards hundreds of fans to chant famed Saints’ rally cry:
“Who dat, who dat, who dat say gonna beat dem Saints?”
Who dat indeed.
Superb Super Bowl like play from Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees allowed for New Orleans to come back from an early first half 10 point deficit to beat the Colts 31-17, but NOT just any comeback!
We’re talking matching the biggest comeback in a Super Bowl ever.
Drew even influenced me into adopting a new moniker (Drew Breez) as he Breesed pass the d*mn near impeccable Colts & NFL season with a 32 of 39 passes for 288 yards 2 TDs and 0 INTs!
He also had thee 2nd highest completion percentage in Super Bowl History with 82%. Now if that doesn’t scream GREATness than I don’t know what does.  I mean, should we trace back to my prior post debating the regular season NFL Associated Press MVP award!? Hmm.. (scratches head…).

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Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. Dunk!

I see countless highlights of dunks and etc. as I am a religious viewer of ESPN and I always feel that most of these slam dunks are overrated when the sportscaster get all ecstatic.
But as I viewed this highlight of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s godson this past week, Virginia’s own: Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. dunking on opponent then giving him the mean “WHAT NOW!?” face, If I could utilize one word to describe this play it would be: Grrr!!!

OBEY x Artists for Peace & Justice ‘ Haiti Relief Tees

Studio Number One’s Cleon Peterson, Casey Ryder and the famed Shepard Fairey created an iconic Haiti graphic from a photograph by Tao Ruspoli , who epitomized the sense of wonder and hope for better days in the eyes of children, through his photo. The intriguing beauty of it all is that the children of Haiti continue to smile in the wake of this calamity. Profits generated from the sale of this product directly goes to the Haiti relief effort  by Artist for Peace and Justice.
Available styles are now available for  pre-order (mens/womens) on 8ospurple.
This means a whole lot to me.

Since the earthquake has hit Haiti on the 12th of last month I have remained quiet and have opted not to discuss it on the site because It is a very extremely sensitive subject for me. This is especially since this is BLACK HIStory Month, I have a profound LOVE for humanity, & last but I NOT LEAST of course: my family is of Haitian descent.
I have a whole lot on my mind & when I feel I am ready to vent, I will. I CANNOT neglect that I too have a voice and this site is an outlet for my voice and all the other umpteen existing blogs/sites that do exist as well.

I have also taken the liberty to include the original piece here.

via Highsnobette

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Raheem DeVaughn – Mr. February X March Madness (Mixtape)

I’m a BIG fan of Mr. DeVaughn’s music! I couldn’t tell you who represents CLASSIC soul music like this young fellow right here. With his upcoming album (In Love & MasterPeace) in stores on March 2nd, Raheem has chosen to put together this mixtape for all the fans.
He covers everything from A Tribe Called Quest to Trey Songz and Sade and much more.

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Sam Cooke – Chain Gang

The month of February reminds me of how long we’ve come from chain gangs although many of us are unfortunately still working on the chain gangs. The difference is these days, we actually have the choice to avoid it, but back then it was ALL against our will.

Nonetheless I thanks the MOST HIGH every morning I am awaken and have FREEDOM!

Ransom by Adidas

Highsnobiety Q & A - Ransom by adidas

Here’s a pair of DOPE boots from successful Ransom by Adidas collection that I have stumbled upon while ‘surfing’.
If you’re wondering about these boots, they are the Fall 2010 “Crest” Boot.