OBEY x Artists for Peace & Justice ‘ Haiti Relief Tees

Studio Number One’s Cleon Peterson, Casey Ryder and the famed Shepard Fairey created an iconic Haiti graphic from a photograph by Tao Ruspoli , who epitomized the sense of wonder and hope for better days in the eyes of children, through his photo. The intriguing beauty of it all is that the children of Haiti continue to smile in the wake of this calamity. Profits generated from the sale of this product directly goes to the Haiti relief effort  by Artist for Peace and Justice.
Available styles are now available for  pre-order (mens/womens) on 8ospurple.
This means a whole lot to me.

Since the earthquake has hit Haiti on the 12th of last month I have remained quiet and have opted not to discuss it on the site because It is a very extremely sensitive subject for me. This is especially since this is BLACK HIStory Month, I have a profound LOVE for humanity, & last but I NOT LEAST of course: my family is of Haitian descent.
I have a whole lot on my mind & when I feel I am ready to vent, I will. I CANNOT neglect that I too have a voice and this site is an outlet for my voice and all the other umpteen existing blogs/sites that do exist as well.

I have also taken the liberty to include the original piece here.

via Highsnobette

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