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Barbie goes BERSERK!

I was web surfing a while back and stumbled across these photos of fabulous yet demented Barbie getting away with murder (literally)!
This woman by the name of Mariel Clayton spends her time recreating horrendously graphic scenes with dolls, then she snaps photos of them. I was startled at first at the way this artist portrayed Barbie & Co. in such a graphic light, but after a few views I began to appreciate the artistic approach of these flicks! Of course I’m not a doll type of guy, but I figured the ladies & guys alike would get a kick out this depiction of the All-American doll.

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We Have Decided NOT To Die.

Daniel Askill has produced this video titled “We Have Decided Not To Die” & it is definitely one of the BEST videos I’ve seen thus far this year in terms of art form and overall concept. We all mourn death, but neglect to remember that life & death goes hand & hand. So what would life be I we refused to die? if the grim reaper got a pink slip? (times are hard… lol) if we had a choice? I’ve asked several people this question and some answered of course they’d live on Earth forever, but when I brought up the point of going through so much pain. The pain of losing so many loved ones throughout your life. Losing an unlimited amount of friends/family at the expense of death, they totally retracted their response and digressed.
Think about that as the ball drops tonight at 11:59pm as we remember all the ones we’ve lost this year of 2009 in ALL aspects of word ‘lost’.

Food for Thought, You Do the Dishes.

Collection of Andy Warhol Art Stolen from Westside, LA Home

The stolen works include ten well-known portraits of famous athletes such as Muhammad Ali and O.J. Simpson. The collection was stolen on 3 September from the Richard L. Weisman‘s West Los Angeles home.  He was a friend of the late Andy Warhol.  One million dollar reward has been offered for the return of the stolen works.

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Fashion Figure Inc.

This is the premiere of Reggie Know Jolly’s personal collection of fashion figures….RIDICULOUS. He created every outfit, and piece… Just amazing!

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A Look Inside Art Hong Kong 2010 International Art Fair

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Thee LEGENDARY Andy Warhol paints Deebie Harris on a computer!

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Pretty DOPE!

Dave White: Sweethearts & Sirens

Via Highsnobiety

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