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Fashion Spotlight: R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

Lee McQueen - Concerned
Michael Oliveira-Salac says McQueen “turned fashion upside down”, by being different. (BBC News)

Once again we are reminded of how limited the time we have on this green globe labeled Earth can actually be. Yesterday the realm of fashion lost another icon by the name Lee Alexander McQueen, (16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010). McQueen was an English fashion designer known for his unorthodox designs and outlandish runway shows.
News has it that his mother had just passed away and he was going through a difficult time coping as he was extremely close to his mother.  Although his Twitter account has been deleted you can view it here, where he expressed himself in his final tweets.
If you are fashion illiterate, you might recognize some of his work donned by Rihanna & even more noteworthy: Lady Gaga. The critically acclaimed UK fashion designer earned the esteemed British Fashion Designer of the Year award four times!
I found out about the tragic news via my pal Sash’s Facebook post as soon as I got home it REALly saddened my night believe it or not. I am very much into fashion and very familiar with his eccentric work. ‘Tis life, we celebrate life so let us not mourn death, but celebrate the legacy of one whom is deceased so that that individual may live on forever through our work, in our thoughts and so on & so forth.  Just like the legendary and very much so iconic Yves Saint Laurent, Mr. Lee Alexander McQueen will most certainly be missed. 

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Ransom by Adidas

Highsnobiety Q & A - Ransom by adidas

Here’s a pair of DOPE boots from successful Ransom by Adidas collection that I have stumbled upon while ‘surfing’.
If you’re wondering about these boots, they are the Fall 2010 “Crest” Boot.

Milk & Honey.

Glass Half Pint

Neat $15 half pint. I’ve alwas been into trinkets like these for the residence.
Now If I could ONLY move out..
: /

CSD Architecten Home

CSD Architecten

Since I was a young school-age child I was fascinated by architecture and design. I LOVE art and everything that has to do with it. The world is your canvas my teacher once told me. Unfortunately my parents felt otherwise. “You’ll NEVER get a real honest paying job doing anything art” they told me. With that being said I felt obliged to listen to my parents as opposed to following my heart. I mean what is the other alternative at the age of 8yrs. old!? That was thee biggest mistake I could have ever made. EVER.
I watched A Bronx Tale once and one quote stood out at me: “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” I couldn’t have said it better myself in a million years.
Well now I’m left to be pursuing the dream of my mother’s which is to be in the medical field which is wonderful, but is it what I want to do? Is it my dream!? NO, but what is one to do when one has limited finances and your mother/father is paying for your school and utterly refuses to fund your dream? Woe is ME, but I’ll tell say this: GOD willing, before I die I WILL PURSUE my dream(s)! & how you may be thinking? Well simply put, through the monetary income  generate being a nurse after I finish school and start working. 8 )

Well now back to our regularly scheduled programming… before I get all Fred Savage on here.

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SUPER FlatTop Black Leather Glasses

Flat Top Black Leather

Oh and you thought these were unconventionally DOPE!? Think again.

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Shwood Sunnies

Modeled after the epitome of COOL, Mr. James Dean the all American badass, Shwood’s debut model lays the groundwork for an entire wood revolution. Simple but unforgettable, the Shwood Canby mixes timeless style with the luxuriousness of exotic hardwoods. Whether you’re riding the train, headed to a club, or just style profiling, the Canby lays down the look of over 50 years of cool.

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Nike iD – Blazer High LE

Get a total customization experience at You can customize colors and materials for a totally unique take on kicks, T-shirts and more. Start customizing now at
Check out the
Nike Blazer High LE iD Shoe
I designed at

The Nike Blazer is a shoe that is one of the most all-time favorite amongst the Nike family with consumers.  Now Nike has made it so that the average joe can customize their own pair. I have created my own butter colorway as you can see.
Hmm.. look pretty familiar doesn’t it?  Make your own here.