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21 Love Salute: A Tribute to Sade

Every fan of Sade Adu let us rejoice in the name of GOOD ol’fashioned QUALITY music!
All you UPcoming songbirds, take notes on how Sade will give your auricles the hypnotic sound of a siren. I LOVE “The Best of Sade” & it may easily be one of my all-time favorite CDs hands down. In my personal opinion, it’s the perfect collection of music to relax and sleep to, make love to, and more.

Download here: 21 Love Salute: A Tribute to Sade


Raheem DeVaughn – Mr. February X March Madness (Mixtape)

I’m a BIG fan of Mr. DeVaughn’s music! I couldn’t tell you who represents CLASSIC soul music like this young fellow right here. With his upcoming album (In Love & MasterPeace) in stores on March 2nd, Raheem has chosen to put together this mixtape for all the fans.
He covers everything from A Tribe Called Quest to Trey Songz and Sade and much more.

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Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming

Ahhhhh! Nothing like some NEW Carrera Lu!
Especially when it’s produced by The Neptunes!
Strange enough, this song had originally leaked a while back and it started this ‘big’ thing where it was pulled and Lupe made a post on his site expressing his distaste  on the matter. However and ironically enough, the GOOD folks over at Atlantic decided let it out!?

(Shrugs shoulders…)

I’m so hypnotized by this DOPE track as I literally can’t stop replaying it.

Download here: Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming (prod. The Neptunes) | Mediafire

Late Night with The Roots (Mixtape)

It’s about time! Here comes a compilation of live performance clips from the legendary Roots crew on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show. They’re predominantly the reason why I even watch the show at all. I’m allured by the fact that Black Thought is usually included as a part of the performances when: A. to replace a feature on the song being performed or B. (shrugs shoulders…) just ’cause. This DOPE joint includes (LIVE) cuts featuring the likes of Clipse, Ludacris, Q-Tip, Mos Def, 50 Cent, Ghostface, Goodie Mob, Black Star, Public Enemy and more!
BIG shouts to 2DBz for the post & 2DBz very own Shake for the DOPE artwork.
You can checkout some more of Shake’s DOPE flyer/CD covers here: ArtByShake

Tracklist/Download link available after the jump…

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Artist Spotlight: Nickelus F – 3G (Grind, Go Hard, Get Paid)
When I tell you that this artist is highly flammable, I mean that with thee utmost sincerity! I have been following Mr. F since I first heard him on Mr. Graham’s 2006 Rooom For Improvement debut mixtape. I was sold and since then, my auricles have been taking in constant heat from this VA native. Why Mr. Grahams has “left” him behind especially since this artist kicks 10x the pyrexic wordplay that Mr. Grahams has ever or probably ever will drop on a record is beyond me, but (shrugs shoulders…) hey.
Here’s a HOT new download for all you fans and newbies to Nickelus F.
Enjoy… (I know I did).

Download here: Nickelus F – 3G (Grind, Go Hard, Get Paid)

UPDATE: Check this DOPE video under the cut of how Mr. F shows off his MONSTROUS lyrical skill(s) over one of my favorite 50 Cent bangers: I Get It In!
Boy oh boy does Mr. F get it in!
I hope the masses wake UP soon to all this unearthed talent that isn’t being exposed.

P.S. I have also included a download BONUS of Nickelus F’s “Thank You” mixtape so all you late bloomers can catch UP.

Download here: Nickelus F – Thank You (Mixtape)

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Jay Electronica – Exhibit C x Michael Jackson Audiograph Memorial

“I made this because i have loved Michael Jackson all of my life. All of my memories from about 5 years old or so (which is about as far back as i remember with some ease) can be tied to or associated with or landmarked by some musical contribution of Michael Jackson at that time. From then, all the way to now. He is a dark fingerprint on a very large part of who I am and who most of the people I know personally are. And thats why i posted this picture along with this song. The response to this song is amazing, and overwhelming and i appreciate all of the love and support it is receiving from everywhere. And i dedicate all of this positive energy toward a Great Hero of mine (although not perfect) who has performed many miracles in his physical life and who has and will be for many moons continue to be a glowing light in the dark for those who see something better inside of themselves and have the will and desire to pursue it. Evolution. May our good works be recorded and duplicated, and may our sins be recorded and forgiven.  Amen

Jay Electronica

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AZ – The Essence (Remix) feat. Nas
Man oh man have things changed…
I remember when I used to go NUTS to hear a new track.. NO! scratch that! …
I remember when I used to go NUTS just to hear even the slightest bit of news that the tandem of Nas & AZ; the two rap GOD.MCs were to release a new track containing the two together going back to back.

You couldn’t find a better BROOKLYN x Queens duo with GPS!
Both styles influenced by the theologies of the Five Percenters which undoubtedly resulted in numerous jewel dropping throughout their music along with FLY designer brand name droppings, tales of luxury, all the while reporting to you tales of the rise and falls of growing up in the ghetto’s streets.
Sigh… Hip-Hop.

This tandem has been delivering nothing, but GOODness since their debuts on Nas’ critically acclaimed ’94 golden-era debut, Illmatic where on “Life’s A B*tch” AZ couldn’t have said it better cleverly opening UP with:

“Visualizing the realism of life and actuality,
F”*k who’s the baddest, a person’s status depends on salary/
And my mentality is, money orientated,
I’m destined to live the dream for all my peeps who never made it”

Well to get to the point of this post…
I’ve stumbled across this gem:

Seven years ago BabyPaul produced the original “The Essence” which appeared on AZ’s ’02 Aziatic, now he’s is back with the remix which in my personal rivals the original.

Download here: AZ – The Essence (Remix) feat. Nas (prod. BabyPaul) | Mediafire