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Salvatore Ferragamo’s ‘Gum’ Sneaker!

Loving this new Ferragamo sneaker with leather, patent leather and Italian gum accents!


Christian Louboutin Ulona

ulona2 Shoe Lust: Christian Louboutin Ulona !!!

Christian Louboutin definitely has the shoe game in a vise right now!  The Ulona sandals available at browns & net-a-porter.
Enjoy ladies!

MYKITA Spring/Summer 2010 Collections

mykita 006

Mykita launches their new line of frames for the 2010 Spring / Summer season.
These specs are pretty DOPE and I know you ladies will love them!
Gear UP for the Summer now, not in June! Then again, If you’re a jet-setter than it doesn’t matter then does it? (Shrugs shoulders…)
More pics after the jump…

KUDOS! & CONGRATS to Mykita for earning the iF award product design award for 2010. The have received the award for  their new brand hinge design on their Dries model.
Once again, hats off to Mykita as I would love to win such an award when I release my brand.

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Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Silver 25th Anniversary Package

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Silver 25th Anniversary Package

Jordan Brand is celebrating their 25th Anniversary in 2010. In honor of Your AIRness’ legacy, there will be a number of special Jordan releases over the course of this year. The first slated release is this alluring Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro in metallic silver, grey, and white. This shoe displays a commemorative “23/25″ logo on the tongue and comes packaged in an aluminum briefcase reminiscent of the AJ XVII! These are NOW available from Oqium.


“Well it’s that time,
a NEW YEAR to shine/
to intertwine – with loved ones and indulge in vintage wine/
So go ahead and pop those bottles,
’cause I’m approaching this NEW YEAR with OPTIMISM full throttle/
Forgive others,
sisters, enemies, & brothers/
I wish you all well,
in all your endeavors/
because only time will tell,
I wish you all NOTHING, but well/
GOOD wealth, LOVE, & PEACE of mind,
ERADICATE any pessimism or hate that surrounds you,
ties you down and bounds you,
D’Evils that hound you/
Everyone can’t make it although most try/
Failure isn’t an option,
because I’m SICK of it/
So this year, instead of being Icarus/
Leave it all to the MOST HIGH!”
– Moi

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you & yours!
I WISH YOU ALL nothing, but success in all your endeavors, GOOD wealth, of course health, REAL LOVE, PEACE, forgiveness, wisdom, & knowledge, spirituality, emotional/mental heath as well as thee complete elimination of ALL D’Evils and ALL negative energy which resides in your LIFE!

Now let me get back to my glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label and enjoy this COOL video!

Open Your Door With 3-D Facial Recognition

Unlock Your Doors With 3D Facial Recognition

I meanwe are on the brink of 2010 right? When everyone said the year 2k was it, we’ve made it 10yrs. post 2k! What a blessing! Although we still haven’t reached The Jetsons era, we were all expecting here’s a neat toy that will get you one step closer to being George & Jane!

Although it’s primary use is to log the attendance of employees, you now have a way cooler way to open up the doors in your residence! It’s the Chinavision Facial Recognition Door Lock which retails for a sum of $456. It consists of a pair of night vision cameras which uses an advanced 3-D imaging system to scan & map your face in less than a second. It’s capable of storing up to 500 faces.

Ronnie Fieg x Polo Ralph Lauren “Cookie Boot”


If you were a certified POLO wearer back in the late 80s-early 90s then you know the Ralph Lauren Polo Ranger Boot also better known affectionately as the “Cookie Boot” was an imperative part of your wardrobe. I was way too young as I am in fact proud to be an 86’er, growing up in the 90s I fell madly in LOVE with anything Ralph Lauren. The designs were illustrious, fancy colors, but sporty. Wearing brands like POLO SPORT made me feel like a skier, hiker, sportsman (with the Sportsman line) or a triumphant champion of the Olympics. I always wanted the Cookie Boots, but I never had the chance to get them until recently when they were actually re-released earlier last year after years of wondering why they weren’t prior to then. Well then, the boots are now back being sported by every young kid claiming to be a “Lo-Head”. Tsk-Tsk.
Ronnie Fieg is back with another special make-up on this boot, just in time for winter. This “Cookie Boot” marks Fieg’s first collaboration with Polo. This boot is available at David Z locations and online at David

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