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21 Love Salute: A Tribute to Sade

Every fan of Sade Adu let us rejoice in the name of GOOD ol’fashioned QUALITY music!
All you UPcoming songbirds, take notes on how Sade will give your auricles the hypnotic sound of a siren. I LOVE “The Best of Sade” & it may easily be one of my all-time favorite CDs hands down. In my personal opinion, it’s the perfect collection of music to relax and sleep to, make love to, and more.

Download here: 21 Love Salute: A Tribute to Sade


Mos Def – History feat. Talib Kweli

“Kweli says everybody acts according to the season that they born in,
some at the night, some in the morning”
-Mos Def

Oh man I can’t even begin to express how excited that these two individuals are doing some work together again. It gets no better!
This is a video for a joint named History provided by Creative Control. I’ve been following Creative Control for a while now and they have yet to not impress me with each view.

I still remember Black Star’s CLASSIC 1st album Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star released in ’98. I was so young I was still in JHS! WOW how time flies. Definition was such a DOPE single/record with the whole dollar van video concept.
“People think that MC is shorthand for misconception”
– Talib Kweli; “Definition”

I’ve also taken the liberty to include the download link to this song as well.

Download here: Mos Def – History feat. Talib Kweli

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LOL Edition: MC Hammer Reality Show Promo (Video)

Promo for MC Hammer’s new reality show! Classic LoL! A plethora of people run in an LA store.

Speaking Of which…
I know I’m young, but NOT too young as opposed to the rest of ya’ll youngbucks who probably don’t remember the old-school MC Hammer “Hammerman” cartoon show.

Black Star x Rocksmith T-Shirts

black star rocksmith tees r 1 Black Star x Rocksmith T Shirts

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