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Open Your Door With 3-D Facial Recognition

Unlock Your Doors With 3D Facial Recognition

I meanwe are on the brink of 2010 right? When everyone said the year 2k was it, we’ve made it 10yrs. post 2k! What a blessing! Although we still haven’t reached The Jetsons era, we were all expecting here’s a neat toy that will get you one step closer to being George & Jane!

Although it’s primary use is to log the attendance of employees, you now have a way cooler way to open up the doors in your residence! It’s the Chinavision Facial Recognition Door Lock which retails for a sum of $456. It consists of a pair of night vision cameras which uses an advanced 3-D imaging system to scan & map your face in less than a second. It’s capable of storing up to 500 faces.