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Since I was a young school-age child I was fascinated by architecture and design. I LOVE art and everything that has to do with it. The world is your canvas my teacher once told me. Unfortunately my parents felt otherwise. “You’ll NEVER get a real honest paying job doing anything art” they told me. With that being said I felt obliged to listen to my parents as opposed to following my heart. I mean what is the other alternative at the age of 8yrs. old!? That was thee biggest mistake I could have ever made. EVER.
I watched A Bronx Tale once and one quote stood out at me: “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” I couldn’t have said it better myself in a million years.
Well now I’m left to be pursuing the dream of my mother’s which is to be in the medical field which is wonderful, but is it what I want to do? Is it my dream!? NO, but what is one to do when one has limited finances and your mother/father is paying for your school and utterly refuses to fund your dream? Woe is ME, but I’ll tell say this: GOD willing, before I die I WILL PURSUE my dream(s)! & how you may be thinking? Well simply put, through the monetary income  generate being a nurse after I finish school and start working. 8 )

Well now back to our regularly scheduled programming… before I get all Fred Savage on here.

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Thomas Lelu x Liquid Architecture Thierry Lasry Acetate Sunglasses

thomas lelu liquid architecture thierry lasry sunglasses 1 Thomas Lelu x Liquid Architecture Thierry Lasry Acetate Sunglasses

Produced with the finest of Italian materials, Los Angeles-based Thierry Lasry presents a new project in conjunction with Liquid Architecture along with design efforts by artist Thomas Lélu. The French hand made acetate sunglasses feature Thierry Lasry’s futuristic design meets vintage vibe in two popular contemporary colorways. Both options are now available through colette.

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Diesel Black Label “No Face” Watch

diesel-black-label-no-face-watch-front Diesel Black Label No Face Watch

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Golden Library


Bibliothek Luckenwalde.

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Tofer Chin Sculpture

tofer-sculpture-1-540x398 Tofer Chin Sculpture

LA based artist Tofer Chin recently completed a sculpture for interior designer Kelly Wearstler. The ancient figure carries a black/white check pattern, one that we have seen on several works of the artist already. The photos of the sculpture were shot by renowned photographer and production designer Evan J. Rohde.

Take a more detailed look at the new Tofer Chin Sculpture after the jump.

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Thierry Mugler x Beyonce

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Nintendo Mouse