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“I think I could kiss him,” owner Tom Benson said of Coach Payton.

WOW!! The underdog New Orleans Saints have become triumphant & won the Super Bowl.

Coach Payton held the Vince Lombardi Trophy high over his head in a victorious manner and ran into the end zone towards hundreds of fans to chant famed Saints’ rally cry:
“Who dat, who dat, who dat say gonna beat dem Saints?”
Who dat indeed.
Superb Super Bowl like play from Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees allowed for New Orleans to come back from an early first half 10 point deficit to beat the Colts 31-17, but NOT just any comeback!
We’re talking matching the biggest comeback in a Super Bowl ever.
Drew even influenced me into adopting a new moniker (Drew Breez) as he Breesed pass the d*mn near impeccable Colts & NFL season with a 32 of 39 passes for 288 yards 2 TDs and 0 INTs!
He also had thee 2nd highest completion percentage in Super Bowl History with 82%. Now if that doesn’t scream GREATness than I don’t know what does.  I mean, should we trace back to my prior post debating the regular season NFL Associated Press MVP award!? Hmm.. (scratches head…).

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Peyon Manning is 2009 NFL’s Most Valuable Player (AGAIN).

Manning MVP

INDIANAPOLIS - DECEMBER 28:  Quarterback Peyton Manning #18 of the Indianapolis Colts unsnaps his helmet during the game against the Tennessee Titans on December 28, 2008 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Indianapolis Colts’ star quarterback Peyton Manning became the 1st player in NFL history to win a record 4 Associated Press NFL MVP awards this past Saturday. Manning received an alarming 39.5 out of the total 50 votes. Manning won the award in 2003, 2004, & the prior year (2008). Drew Brees trailed 2nd with a total of 7.5 votes!? Philip Rivers came in 3rd with 2 votes and “THE MAN, MYTH, & LEGEND” Brett Favre actually came in last with 1 vote!? You have to be kidding ME!
I’m actually starting to think that many facets of sports are beginning to lose their integrity!

NOTE: Now I must be very sincere and honest as I’m typing this I must let you readers out there know that I am in NO way shape or form an football aficionado nor in baseball as I have JUST started watching/following both sports at the beginning of this season. With this being said I have always loved both sports respectively, but NEVER followed them which would unfortunately mean that I missed out on all the great years/entire phenomenon of the Madden (game) series : /
Does this take away all credibility from this post? NO. When I start to get into something regardless of whether it be music, art, sports, fashion, etc. I indulge in it at an optimal level which makes me make it look undeniably effortless in how fast I can catch up! because I not only start paying attention and following, I do my respective history on the sport, art, etc. and on all its historical figures who made it what it is today 8 )

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…
NOT to take anything away from Peyton Manning of course, but let’s be realistic here folks. YES this post may be biased because I absolutely love to watch Mr. 40yrs old perform & yes Mr. Favre is my favorite QB, but I also love watching Peyton go nuts with the pigskin. Another case in point is that Drew Brees led his Saints to a 13-0 start. Let’s NOT neglect Mr. Rivers’ Chargers who are a force to be reckoned with! I mean for goodness sakes they started off 0-3 and have NOT lost a game since! The Chargers are on a roll like butter!
So you may be sitting here reading this post saying why did I say that it’s alarming? Well let’s talk numbers then. I mean I was was never too GOOD with numbers or mathematics in general, but one thing I did learn and stuck with me is that numbers NEVER EVER lie. Right? Right. Another factor to remember is that the award itself is the MVP trophy which of course you should know stands for Most Valuable Payer as in the Most Valuable Player to your team. So you can just imagine how appalled I was when I learned of Brett Favre’s last place slot with 1 vote! I mean for goodness sakes he made the Minnesota Vikings immensely better! Him and Adrian Peterson is a tandem that works magic.

But now of course back to my point at hand: numbers.
I have provided here all the facts in the form of numbers and I want you, the reader to make the choice and tell me If I’m blind or terribly misinformed.
More info after the jump below.

P.S. I also think Mr. Chris Johnson should be an honorable mention shoe-in for being MVP to his team, but we all know that:

1. The MVP is always geared to the QB title which is the most imperative position on the team.

Chris Johnson is a running back. Way off even though Johnson has become one of the league’s premier players, and a Pro Bowl starter in each of his two seasons.

2. The Titans didn’t even make the wild card in this season’s postseason so ehh.. why award a GOOD player on a losing team right? Right. Sorry Chris. (Shrugs shoulders…) We still love you though.

I mean for goodness sakes bro your performance this year was darn near superhuman averaging a ridiculous 6.7 ypc and is on pace for 1,920 rushing yards. You’ve caught twenty one balls, too, including a dazzling 69 yarder against the Texans. Jeff Fisher didn’t give him the pigskin enough in the first six game, but since he’s been getting his hands on that ball they’ve been doing way better.

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